My clients’ Experiences

Thank you for the Dream session this morning. I found it very interesting and helpful. It has made me think more about what my dreams are trying to tell me and how they relate to my waking life. I now try to think about what the dream meant. Is there a reason I dreamt what I did? How does it pertain to situations I am in? Also, when in the relaxed state you are more aware of your feelings. At one point I actually felt my body getting warmer. I think that might have been the energy Linda was channelling my way. I also felt a lump in my throat and pain in my shoulder in the first stage of the session when in my dream. I do feel better after this session and would definitely do it again. Thank you Linda for sharing your talents with me and opening my mind to new healing possibilities.


It has been a wild ride since March and I feel our session together played a pivotal role in my progress!  During our session I decided to take on my most prolific and ongoing nightmare that has haunted me since I was 17 when my recruiter from the military did terrible things to me to say the least at this time. As he was the officer in charge of administration he held power over my career and educational opportunities for several years in my early adulthood. My recurring nightmare was being trapped in that administration office which until your careful guidance to pay attention to the surroundings and what was going on around me in the dream had not dawned upon me.  Once I was able to really look at the details of the Dream and with your support I was able to interpret the messages it was sending to me and my life.  That process continued for quite some time after our brief session together.  I believe you helped to unlock the power of my unconscious to communicate to me messages through images and past situational trauma that I needed to release by learning the lesson.


I have had a reoccuring dream for the past two years. The different scenarios in my dream have a common theme of travelling with my family members and upon return, I have been left behind. In my dream I find myself stranded, feeling helpless and unable to return home. I have been disturbed by this reoccurring dream for a long time and didn't know what to do about it.
Until one day, I opened up to Linda about my dream. She helped me realize why I was having the dream and most importantly what to do about it.
Linda help me understand that the sequence of the events in my dream is manifestations of my emotions that have been left unresolved. She taught me that I actually have the ability to resolve these unresolved emotions when I am awake.
Linda also taught me that I don't have to feel helpless in my dreams and I can actually decide to be more in control of the outcome in my dream. When I am awake during the day and before I go to bed at night, I think about my dream and how I can find a way to return home. To my surprise, this exercise has worked and in my dream, I am more of an active participant to find a solution.
From time to time I still have the same dream. It is still a work in progress.
I am very grateful to Linda that through Dreamwork, she has taught me to pay closer attention to my dreams. This experience has had a profound impact on my life.